COUP: Clash of Gods

Creating COUP: Clash of Gods is a new experience in this course. I love playing board games with my friends that especially need critical thinking and many interactions.

It is a rare experience that we can create a board game in this course. During setting up the COUP: Clash of Gods, we need to think about how to recreate COUP but still keep the elements of the game.

Why we would like to renew the COUP?

When we are playing COUP, we think that there are not enough characters and the interaction can be more in the game. It is quite easy and quick to finish the game. Therefore, we would like to make the game more fun and more challenging, with more beautiful visual designs.

How do we do the work?

We discussed the characters and did the slides on campus and through discord. It is all about group work! We shared out thoughts and ideas with each other to make things better.
We searched the characters and based on their abilities and characteristics to decide the action, effect, and counteraction. Like their actual abilities, in choosing their actions and counter actions.

We did the playtesting within our group and with others too. We found out that it takes time to explain the characters and their actions and abilities. Although it takes time to understand, the game is much more fun than COUP. Also, we have created the summary card, it is very useful during the game as with all the details of the characters.

I have never ever thought that I will have a chance to create or re-create a game. It is very special and new to me. Creating a game is not easy work and it needs to keep changing to have a better playing experience. It is also very important to have a playtesting so that we can fix the “bugs" and make the game better. Receiving comments and details from other players is valuable as sometimes we are in the blind spot.

If we have more time to create the game, I think it would be even better and we can do more playtesting to keep updating our game.

Here’s my group mates’ blog:






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